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Hearts for Home Blog Hop #76

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The most popular post from last time was:

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Happy Hopping!

Nature Journal: Carolina Wolf Spider

This humongous spider has a nice little hidey hole in our flower bed. We found out some cool stuff about it when we started investigating to find out what it is:

Carolina Wolf Spider (Hogna carolinensis)
  • Largest wolf spider in North America
  • Average 3 to 4 inches long
  • Live in the ground and cannot climb very well
  • Hunt at night, and their 8 eyes reflect light and appear to glow
  • Official state spider of South Carolina (the only state with a state spider)
  • Cool fact: the female carries her egg sac around with her, and when it "hatches," the tiny babies crawl up her legs onto her back and stay there until they are big enough to fend for themselves. 
Stuff to do:
  1. Draw a picture of the Carolina Wolf Spider in your nature journal.
  2. Read more about spiders in these books: Spiders by Gail Gibbons, Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock, One Small Square: Backyard by Donald Silver, and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle.
  3. Research this spider and add classification information to your notebook:
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Chelicerata (Chelicerates)
Class Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder Araneomorphae (True Spiders)
No Taxon (Entelegynes )
Family Lycosidae (Wolf Spiders)
Genus Hogna
Species carolinensis (Carolina Wolf Spider)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Giveaways for Homeschoolers: Classical Composers

Classical Composers

This Week's Featured Giveaway

Classical Composers Monthly

4 collections:
Classical Composers Collection 1 ($14.95 value): Includes Schubert, Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Tchaikovsky, von Weber, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Bartok, Hindemith, Chopin, and Brahms.
Fine Art Pages Collection 1 ($14.95 value): A Printable collection of 25 famous paintings for you to easily and painlessly introduce fine art to your children.
Current Lesson - Classical Composer's Monthly
Jazz Composers ($14.95 value): Learn so much about the development of jazz and American music in the 20th century with this collection of 15 accomplished jazz composers! Includes Art Tatum, Benny Goodman, Bix Beiderbecke, Cab Calloway, Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Fletcher Henderson, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Ornette Coleman, Ray Charles, and Thelonious Monk.
Great Scientists ($14.95 value) Learn about 13 famous scientists: Archimedes, Bohr, Boyle, Copernicus, Curie, Darwin, Einstein, Faraday, Hippocrates, Kepler, Linnaeus, Morse, and Newton. The scientists in this collection coordinate with those studied in Classical Conversations Challenge B.
Check out this review video about the products:
Quotes from other moms:
Read other reviews and comments here FREEBIES
Get a Handel composer resource, a Monet artist resource, a Duke Ellington jazz composer resource, a sample of our Fine Art Pages, and a free Archimedes scientist resource.

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Their birthday sale is going on right now, so you can also get 25% off anything plus a free gift with purchase. Full details are on the home page!!

Giveaway - Enter with 1 link or Enter with ALL!

One family will receive all 4 of the collections to enhance their homeschool - Valued at $59.80 a Rafflecopter giveaway Be sure to head over to to see what other Homeschooling Giveaways you can enter to win or Freebies you can get! The giveaways & freebies link up is every Monday! Are you a homeschooling company who would like to sponsor the weekly Giveaways for Homeschoolers? Email Sarah of Homeschool Survival at sidetrackedsarah (at)


Do you have enough electives and fine arts in your homeschool?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Free eBook: Focus on Special Needs

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Freebie for Special Needs Homeschooling

Right now HEDUA's eBook Well Planned Homeschool: Focus on Special Needs is FREE through July 31st!

Especially created for families with special needs children, Well Planned Homeschool: Focus on Special Needs comes alongside you with specific tips for homeschooling a special needs child, encouragement for the journey, and the reassurance that you're not alone.