Monday, May 17, 2010

Great American Postcard Swap {Delaware}

The America the Beautiful series is a nice series which you can probably find at your local library. Full color photographs and many fun facts make this a great choice for younger learners to investigate the states. The book about Delaware contains large renderings of the state flag and state seal, making it easier for students to draw their own in their state notebooks. Also included are a timeline of the state's history and virtually everything you would want to know about the state if you care to go beyond the typical state facts. There are even writing prompts and art project ideas, as well as science, technology, and math projects related to the study of the state. 

These books are a good starting point with plenty of information to lead to further study about key figures and events. For instance, we read that Howard Pyle, the "father of American illustration," was from Wilmington. One of his students was N.C. Wyeth, father of Andrew Wyeth. This led us to check out the book The Brandywine Heritage by Richard McLanathan and read more about these great American artists. We also discovered that some of Wyeth's works are housed in our neighboring city's art museum which we will be visiting this week. We found Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates and flipped through it to see all the detailed illustrations.

We also read about Thomas Garrett, an abolitionist who helped thousands of runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. To learn more about the Underground Railroad in Delaware, go to
It is such fun to go on these scavenger hunts where one thing leads to another which leads to another. Discovery learning rocks!


ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Thank you for adding your link to ABC & 123's study of Delaware. It is interesting to get perspective on the state from several sources!

Ticia said...

I haven't seebn that series before. It looks very cool.