Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What About Turkey Day?

What a shock to head over to the mall yesterday for some new kid's shoes only to find out that Santa is ALREADY THERE!! 


The boys couldn't believe it, but they stopped by to say hello after some prompting from the picture lady. Of course, nobody has a list ready yet, and when Santa put them on the spot, they all stared back silently. Santa said they needed to get to work on their lists, but I think they have to eat turkey before they can get into that mode.

We've become used to seeing the stores all decked out as soon as they put the Halloween stuff on clearance, but, Santa, what about Thanksgiving?

We love Thanksgiving in our family, and here are some resources we are using to learn more about its history:
A classic: The Thanksgiving Story
by Alice Dalgliesh

Three Young Pilgrims
by Cheryl Harness
These are both excellent books to use with any age. Three Young Pilgrims is our absolute favorite, and it is beautifully illustrated and detailed. The maps are gorgeous, and my kids love to read every little detail and caption.

The Thanksgiving Story is our traditional holiday read-aloud, and it is an old favorite as well.

The Scholastic teacher's site features a free virtual field trip of the Mayflower and Plimouth, as well as free printables and activities that will accompany these books nicely.

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FairyLover said...

I was in a carft store a few days before Halloween. They were already playing Christmas Carols. I heard on the radio that the day after Halloween is now considered Black Friday. It's scary to think that important family days are being overlooked so big business can make more money for the end of the year sales.

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