Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great American Postcard Swap {Kentucky}

The Bluegrass State is the birthplace of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, home to Fort Knox and the Kentucky Derby, and headquarters of the Louisville Slugger.

The Kentucky Derby Museum site has a kid's section with a great reading list, and we found a download of a free Abraham Lincoln lapbook here.

I lucked out and found the book, Student History Notebook of America in brand new condition at the thrift store, but it is also available here. If you want an all-in-one place to keep up with state studies, this is very thorough and user-friendly, with maps, timelines, journal pages, and more. The only drawback to this format over a looseleaf notebook is that you can't cut and paste too many items in this one because of the binding, but you could take it to a print shop and have the binding sliced off and holes punched.

Student History Notebook of America

We have requested tourism brochures, which most states will mail you for free by doing a search for the department of tourism or chamber of commerce for the states we are studying. These make great cut-and-paste additions to the notebooking pages. My kids enjoy drawing the state flower, bird, and flag themselves most of the time, but the cut-outs are a nice time-saver when the artistic muse is on vacation.

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