Monday, April 11, 2011

What we've been reading

The Lighthouse Family series of books by Chynthia Rylant are wonderful for emergent readers to read on their own, but they also make great read-alouds.  These beautifully written books explore unlikely friendships on an island with a lighthouse kept by Pandora the cat.  She, along with Seabold the dog, are foster parents to three young mice.  They all have encounters with different animal friends, including a whale, a cormorant, an eagle, and more.  There are two other books in the series which we have not gotten to yet.  My favorite thing about these books is how Cynthia Rylant incorporates nature into the stories.  After reading about the different animals and ocean and forest wonders, we have pulled out our field guides and Handbook of Nature Study to explore them further.  These books will definetely be read again and again in our house.


Nancy said...

love these books...our daughter has read The Storm and I have a feeling the others will show up in her Easter basket ;)

Karyn said...

I am always looking for new books to read with my kids- thanks for the idea! I will definitely look into these.