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Saturday, June 11, 2011

And sow it grows

Week of June 6

Week of May 23

Cantaloupe roaming free

Corn rows

Corn grows

Tomato plants looking for a better view

Baby mater

Poblano pepper

Basil/zuccini tug-o'-war
{Update 6/14/11--The basil won.  See those little white spots on the zuccini?  It's mold, and it is spreading from one squash plant to the next.  I finally gave up and pulled up the cucumber, the yellow squash, and one zuccini plant to try to prevent the mold from spreading any further.  The remaining zuccini had a couple of moldy leaves, and I broke them off; not sure if that's going to work, though.} 

Bean poles covered in pole beans

1 comment :

valarie said...

Wow Anne, your garden is looking fantastic. You will have some very good eating. Congratulations on your Fox Diary win. I would love to send it to you but I don't have your address. Could you please email it to me at budayr@gmail.com.

I couldn't find your email and so I decided to leave a comment. Be well and enjoy your summer.