Sunday, July 17, 2011

DIY: Upcycled/Recycled Summer Scrapbooks

   I love to scrapbook, but between homeschooling three different grade levels and getting dinner on the table, I have fallen WAY behind.  I have done this project with my boys several times so they can create their own scrapbooks to chronicle some of their interests and adventures.  These are a great way to document field trips, vacations, family reunions, sports, and hobbies.  You'll be amazed at what your kids (of all ages) come up with using things headed for the trash can.  When we go on field trips,  my boys tell me what they want me to take photos of, or I hand them the camera and let them click away.  I print the photos wallet-sized on glossy paper so a bunch will fit on the same page. 

Materials used:

Sturdy cardboard cut from empty boxes
Leftover scrapbook supplies (stickers, papers, yarn, letters, etc.)
Clothing tags, discarded file folders
Rubber stamps/ink/paint
Glue sticks
Hole punch
Binder rings
Paper cutter or ruler

"g" is for goat, plus a pocket page for the zoo brochure.

   I help the kids cut out their cardboard covers, and once they've chosen the papers they want to use, we cut them all out assembly line style.  Although these journals can be any size, when working with all of my boys at once, I have found it easiest to make the covers and pages all the same size so we don't have to measure over and over again.  If you don't have a paper trimmer, older kids can do the measuring and marking on the papers before cutting them out.  We use whatever leftover cardstock, scrapbook papers, gift-wrap, magazine/catalog pages, and envelopes (saved from junk mail) we have on hand.  The one rule we follow is not to purchase anything new to make these.   Cutting out all the pages is the most time-consuming part--you may want to have this done in advance for younger kids.  Don't bind the pages yet.

Fantasy locker room.

   Once the pages are cut, the kids plan out their theme, choose their photos and embellishments, and get busy putting it all together.  Papers are glued onto the cardboard covers, and inside pages are glued together back-to-back.  The kids love getting to experiment with rub-ons, stickers, rubber stamps, paint dabbers, staples, etc. as they journal, create collages, and arrange their photos.

   Once all the pages are done, place them in order, line them up to punch the holes, and add twine or binder rings to hold them together.  Easy-peasy, and so much more precious than scrapbook pages I could make myself.

   {These also make wonderful grandparent gifts.}

Anything goes...

Priceless keepsakes


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Oh I love scrapbooking! I cant wait for my kids to be able to craft with me.

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What a wonderful idea! I am sooo behind on scrapbooking and I'm not even as busy as you! I can't wait until R has an interest of doing this for himself. Btw, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked my post too.

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What a nice way to preserve all those summer outdoor play memories!

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What a great way to be creative and reuse at the same time! Thank you for linking up with us on The Sunday Showcase