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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Breakdown

Week of August 15

   Last weekend, I pulled up most of the remaining plants in the garden.  The beans that were taking over the garden (scarlet runners) must have been purely decorative, because no actual beans ever showed up.  Once the deer found the corn, they spread the word, and cantaloupes and tomatoes disappeared.  Because it has been so hot here, nothing was really thriving, so I decided to clean out and plan for a late Summer/into Fall garden.  I left one tomato (pear,) because it still has some green ones on it, but it looks like it's about over.  There is only one cantaloupe still attached to the vine, but the vine is still stretching and blooming.  I've harvested and dried lots and lots of basil, and they are still going strong.

Lone Cantaloupe

Monster Okra

   The okra is growing like crazy--the plants are about 5 1/2 feet tall, and the okra get huge really fast.  It's finally putting out enough at one time to be able to use. 

Strawberries, the Sequel

   The strawberries seem to have started all over, and we are picking some every day now.  I'm not sure what to plant now, but I want to start some new things to have for Fall. 


Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

It's so pretty! I can't wait until we can get more from ours (too hot here now) We are still getting some peppers and some greens!

allysgrandma said...

I am thinking about my fall garden too that I hope to plant once I get home from my 3 week visit to South Carolina...home to California in 2 more weeks~!