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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guitar Shop 101


  The guys' two-year guitar-making project is finally finished!  My husband is a weekend woodworker, and he has made some beautiful things, but the biggest so far has been this guitar which he and the boys worked on together.  It began with a large block of wood (which turned into a second block of wood when the cut piece did not line up exactly.)  Through many weekends of trial-and-error, progress began, and everything came together beautifully.  Not only did the guys have to work out plans and drawings, but beyond the actual cutting and finishing of the wood, they had to do the electronics and soldering.  My oldest is a talented guitar player, and though he loves his Les Paul, he is now using this guitar much of the time.  It has an really nice Blues sound, and because it was so lovingly and painstakingly crafted, he is especially proud to play it.   

"Within every block of wood and stone, there dwells a spirit, waiting to be released."
-Hap Hagood


Ellen said...

What a terrific project! I'm sure it sounds as great as it looks. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I"m your newest follower. ~ Ellen

Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

this is an amazing project! Everyone must be so happy to see it completed! What are they building next?

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Oh wow - what an amazing project!!! How proud they must be (and rightfully so) of their awesome guitar & hard work!

Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase - hope to see you again this week!

ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative said...

Beautiful. What a neat project! Thank you so much for linking up to ABC's show and tell this week.