Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Presto pesto!

Though our garden has about fizzled out for the fall, we still have basil growing strong.  I cut a bunch of it over the weekend and made my first-ever pesto to put in my freezer.  It was easy (key for me,) and it tastes yummy.  

I used four cups of basil leaves, 2/3 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup toasted walnuts, 6 garlic cloves, and salt and pepper, mixed it all up in the food processor, and then put it in small jars for the freezer.  

After doing some research, I decided not to add Parmesan cheese to it yet, because I understand that it doesn't freeze well.  We have two kinds of basil in the garden:  sweet basil and cinnamon basil.  I used the sweet basil this time, but I'll try it with the cinnamon basil next time. 

I got the best birthday present ever last weekend... a freezer!

My boys said that I must be getting old if I get excited about getting a freezer, but I LOVE it!


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

That pesto looks beautiful, and congrats on the freezer--I bet you will find ways, especially this time of year, to fill it up!

Beth said...

Pesto looks lovely and won't you enjoy a taste of summer this winter? I'd love to have a stand-alone freezer - a great gift!

AlessandraLace said...

very good. hugs