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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY: Cereal Box Tents

   A few bounty hunters and ewoks wanted to go camping with us last weekend, so we made them some tents to bring along with their playmobil camping gear. 

   Using cardboard from a cereal box, we cut three rectangles, taped them together to form a triangle, and then used the end as a template to cut out a triangle piece for the back. 

   Then we painted the top two outside pieces with tacky glue, and added a piece of felt, overlapping it at the front.  Once the glue adhered, we trimmed off the excess felt and cut it up the center front to form flaps.  We also cut out a triangle to add to the outside back.

   To make the flaps stay open, we cut out tiny tabs of stick-on velcro, using the scratchy side, and adhered them to the inside corners of the flaps.  The velcro will cling to the felt when you roll the flaps back.


Julie said...

Love this! I want that camping furniture too!

Growing Roots for a Better Tomorrow said...

those are so cute my girls would love them for their toys

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

This is fantastic!- I just pinned it on Pinterest! Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase

Mama Pea Pod said...

Very clever! We LOVE playmobil (there's something about the small-world play possibilities that even Daddy Pea and I get excited about!).

Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party.