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Monday, October 3, 2011

Magic Mushroom Prints

   With a change in the weather, we are also suddenly seeing mushrooms everywhere.  They are along the roadside, in fields, in the woods, and in our yard.  This huge one was doomed to be run over with the lawnmower, so we pulled it up to examine it's parts and make some easy art to add to the nature journal.  After carefully breaking off the stem, we placed the mushroom cap on a piece of orange paper.  (We decided on a darker color of paper since the underside of the mushroom was light.  Some mushrooms are darker underneath, and the print will show up better on light colored paper.)  And then, we let it sit for an hour or so. 

   After slowly lifting the mushroom top straight up off the paper, we were left with a print!  

   How did that work?  Mushrooms have spores, which is what they use to reproduce.  The spores are inside the gills on the underside of the cap.  If you let the cap sit for awhile, the spores will be left behind on the paper, leaving a print.

1 comment :

Carol Anne Wright Swett said...

What a COOL idea...as usual you amaze me! We will be doing this one soon!