Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Do We Know the Bible is True?

How do we know the Bible is true?  Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge have edited a wonderful volume that addresses this issue with Biblical authority to better equip Christians to face the culture we are living in.  

The essays in How Do We Know the Bible is True? address areas such as the reliability of scripture, miracles, salvation, poligamy, evolution, mythology, the age of the earth, and atheism. Many questions both Christians and non-Christians have about these subjects and more are answered in these essays. Popular culture topics such as The DaVinci Code are also addressed.  Because this book is labeled as "Volume 1," I assume there will be much more subject matter to come.
My kids have learned so much from the "Answers" books by Ken Ham, and I was excited to get this one for myself. I especially enjoyed the essays dealing with evolution and the age of the earth, as these are two issues that I have struggled with. These notions are contradictory to everything I was taught in school, and I always felt an inner struggle with making what I was taught line up with what the Bible says is true. I appreciate books such as Ken Ham's for giving me a resource to answer my own questions, as well as the questions my kids often pose. 

If the Bible says that "God is the Creator of all things," then how could we have evolved over millions/billions of years? The essay "How Can We Stand on Scripture in an Evolution-Pushing Culture?" by Jim Gardner, tackles this issue head-on:  
"People need to understand that evolution is a worldview teaching that man got here without God being involved...Evolution is the foundation of humanism." 
How Do We Know the Bible is True? is a reference book that I will return to many times, and I will look forward to the next volume.

{The publisher has provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.}

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