Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homemade Christmas: Sea Salt Scrub

   This is easy to make, and much less expensive than the cosmetic counter brands.  It's an easy gift that kids can mix up.   We sniff-tested lots of different essential oils, and our choices came down to both what we thought smelled the best and what was the most reasonably priced.  We found our oils at Whole Foods, but they are also sold at health-food stores.  We had some dried lavender that we saved from the garden, but it is totally optional.  This recipe made three large jars.  You can use this in the tub, or put it beside the sink to use on your hands to sooth dry skin. 

Lavender Rose Sea Salt Scrub

Mix in large bowl:  4 oz. almond oil
                             8 oz. grapeseed oil
                             24 oz. coarse sea salt
                             26 oz. fine sea salt
                             1/2 cup dried lavender
                             several drops lavender oil
                             several drops rose oil
Scoop into jars and add a pretty ribbon and tag. 

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Karen Greenberg said...

What a great home-made gift. I love it!