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Friday, January 20, 2012

Curriculum Fair: Life Science

Curriculum Fair is a place for me to share the curriculum we use. If you check out my other posts in this series,
 you'll see how much we modify and revamp as we go along. Our homeschooling journey is always changing!

Science is all around us, and we definitely take advantage of that. There are all sorts of opportunities to incorporate science learning into our days...

We go on field trips, many of them free, to places like fish hatcheries, wildlife parks, state parks, power plants, rock and gem stores, farms, recycling centers, museums, lakes, nature centers, beaches, lakes, historical sites, etc., etc., etc.

We explore our neighborhood nature trail. We have found evidence of beavers, animal tracks, interesting wildflowers, and even a big snake.

We open our back door...

and are amazed at who comes to visit,

then we search through our field guides to give them a name.

We watch the sky.

We peek inside the hidden places.

We see amazing things in our own backyard.

We garden.

Our garden attracts wondrous creatures.

We look up at the moon.

We marvel at mushrooms.

We learn new things online, like electronics and soldering.

We play and build with Legos.

We collect books and field guides.

We have pets. We watch our lizards like they are television, and we keep nature journals (in the basket.)

We play with magnets.

We read about God's creation.

We babysit our microbe biosphere, which is almost a year old.


Mommy Cameron | Raising the Cameron Clan said...

What awesome pictures! I love how simple science can really be. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower.

abbie said...

Great photos. I just love how much learning can take place when you have kids playing outside.
Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play party this week. We would love it if you could share the link to the party with your readers and let them know you linked up! The bigger the party gets the more great outdoor play ideas we all get to learn about.
Thanks for sharing!

learning table said...

I've got the Outdoor Play link on my sidebar.

abbie said...

So sorry I missed seeing that! I should really check!! Thanks!