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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooperative Learning: Cultural Exchange

   Our homeschool support group held an International Festival this year, and we gathered to learn about the countries the different families studied.  Each family that participated signed up to research a country and prepare a presentation about that country.  We all brought food inspired by the countries studied, and the kids each had an opportunity to speak in front of the group.  This not only provided a wonderful learning opportunity, but it also gave the kids practice in preparing a speech and actually speaking from a stage to an audience.  Some kids did a "show and tell" while others simply read from a paper.  Some came in costume, and some played music.  After lunch and the presentations, each child was presented with a "passport," and they visited each "country" to get a stamp.  Some host countries even handed out souveniers like coffee from Uruguay and a street map from London.

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