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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My "Out and About" bag.

   When life gets in the way of HOME-schooling, we take school on the road.  My mom is scheduled for surgery this month, and we have had to take her to some doctor's appointments and will be taking her for her outpatient surgery next week.  I have a bag that I keep stocked with my essentials for taking school with us.  It's easy to find a spot in a waiting room to work on schoolwork and make the most of "waiting" time.  It is also nice for times when the other brothers are in art class or music lessons.  We can go grab a cold coke and sit at Chick-fil-a for a half hour and get some things done.

   I keep my bag packed with writing journals and a writing prompt book, a combo Dictionary/Thesaurus, a paper trimmer/ruler, a pouch of pencils, pens, erasers, mini-stapler, scissors, a glue stick, tape, and a sharpener, a pouch of colored pencils, a geometry supplies kit, my nature journal, a legal pad, and a magazine or my Kindle for me. 

   When we are going to be out for awhile, I add in whatever school books I want to bring along.  Good choices for us are handwriting, vocabulary, math, and readers, but it varies depending on what needs to be done and how much time we will have on our hands.  Sometimes, I add the kids' nature journals if we are going somewhere that we can hang out outside.

   The time passes faster when we are occupied, and I don't feel like we are wasting time or getting behind on schoolwork. 


Ticia said...

We've done school on the go, but I need to set up a dedicated bag like you have because that will make it easier.

learning table said...

It's like an extension of the days when the diaper bag was always packed and ready to go!