Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garden Chemisty: Roots and Shoots


  The cucumbers are getting tall, and the carrots and peppers are all sprouting.  Two tomatoes are up, but there's no sign of anything in the third little pod.

   You can see the tiny shell of the seed still clinging onto the seed leaves of some of the bean plants.

The big leaves are starting to emerge in the center of the seed leaves of the bean plants.  We observed that these new leaves have jagged edges, unlike the smooth seed leaves.


jalapeno peppers

The tiny shell of a jalapeno seed is still clinging to the end of a leaf.


New seeds cooking-- planted Saturday:  sunflowers, Blue Lake beans, pumpkins.

{I'm linking up to the Garden Party at Oregon Cottage.}


Donna Heber said...

Your seedlings look wonderful! You are going to have quite the variety of vegetables this year. I'm happy to be joining everyone this week for our garden party.

Jo @ Let's Face the Music said...

That's quite an operation you have going. I'm only motivated to start our heirloom pink tomatoes indoors. Everything else is at the disposition of the head gardener. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Ellen said...

Never thought of beginning green beans indoors. Hmmm... Dropping on by from An Oregon Cottage.

learning table said...

My kids are having so much fun tracking the progress of our plants that we decided to plant more seeds in the seed trays instead of waiting to put them straight into the ground. Maybe the plants will be sturdy enough to survive the deer and bunnies when we move them from the porch to the garden :)

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your starts look wonderful--very nice pictures! I have some lettuce starts that I am hardening off to plant outside, hopefully soon.