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Monday, March 5, 2012

Garden Plans 2012

   The boys each picked out a pack of seeds at Lowe's Saturday, and we got some little greenhouse trays to start them in.  I'm planting tomatoes, and the boys are planting jalapenos (for poppers,) cucumbers, and multicolored carrots.

   We are going to start our seeds this week so the little plants will be ready to move outside by the time the weather is good. 

Plans and dreams.

   We are still composting in our worm tubes, and the petunia plants and parsley have made it through the winter.  After Easter, we are going to plant a row of sunflowers and a row of pumpkins.  We have lots of deer and bunnies, so we are hoping that our choices won't be too appealing to them.  We found out last year that they love corn, lettuce, and broccoli!

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SchneiderPeeps said...

I came over from Tuesday Garden Party. Your plans look great! We're hoping to plant some giant sunflowers also...I just need to decide where.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Good luck with seed starting, and the new garden!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Cute plan! I hope the animals leave you something- we've had to use fences against critters here- but we still have mole problems. If it's not one thing...:-)

Thanks for sharing!

Lady Farmer said...

Isn't planning the garden great fun! Especially with kids! I think they like eating their vegies more if they take part in the planting and growing.
I hope the deer leave your garden alone ~ I haven't found anything they don't like! The babies will try anything and everything at least once! 7foot high fence is the only thing that works for me, and I've tried EVERYTHING!
I've gotten an Avocado to grow several times before and even managed to get one to about 12 inches tall. It was doing great until one of the young men one of my daughters was seeing, kept handling it and it eventually died!(the avocado, not the boy! :~D)
Thanks for dropping in today!

Beth said...

I love your plans - such a creative presentation - super too that your kids are involved - healthier eating and a life-long passion (gardening!)