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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning: The Pantry

  My pantry has been a mess for awhile, and I found myself buying grocery items I discovered I already had due to disorganization.  I finally got a bit of spring fever and decided to tackle the mess, and it took almost a whole day to do it.  I was inspired by Kuzak's Closet's makeover using stackable bins, and I already had some on hand in other parts of the house.  I bought four more at Target, and I used them to store items that don't stack or stand up well.  I put all my opened dry beans, chocolate chips, and pasta in mason jars, and all the cereal and kids snacks went into clear jars with snap top lids.  All the extra staples went on the top shelves, and I threw away anything with an expired date.  I keep thermoses, lunch bags, plastic cutlery, paper plates, etc. in my grandmama's picnic baskets, and a floor mat my son made in art class brightens up the view when I open the doors.
   It makes me happy to look inside the pantry now, and it is much easier to plan meals knowing what I already have.

1 comment :

Amanda Kuzak said...

Great job! The bins look great, clean and organized!