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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Garden Beginnings

The kids have gotten all their seedlings in the ground, but we had a cold night, and the cucumbers didn't make it.  The tomatoes aren't looking very happy either, but we have sturdy beans, pumpkins, and sunflowers.  Not sure yet how the peppers and carrots will do, but they are still alive :)

Anyone need any oregano?  Mine never did much last summer, but it thrived through the winter and is
10 times bigger than last year.  The parsley stayed around too, and it's huge.

We had a chayote squash get too ripe before we used it, so my son planted it, and it's growing in the corner.

Grandma gave us two more strawberry pots to add to our "patch" at the bottom of the steps.


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Look at those red strawberries--yum! Mine only have flowers at this point. Sorry you lost some plants, but glad that you have so much that looks wonderful growing well!

~Holly~ said...

Yummy garden!! I have strawberry envy now!!

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

The purple flowers spilling over your bed sure make a pretty picture! And after the first year, it's just a matter of keeping on top of the oregano or it will take over- just don't let it flower and go to seed or you'll find them all over the yard, too. :-)

Oh, and the parsley is a biennial- grows the first year and sets seed the second. Those large stalks growing up are going to flower and set seed- the parsley isn't as tender then.

Thanks for sharing with us!