Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY: For Mother's Day

   One of my favorite bloggers posted instructions for these Mother's Day memory boxes, and the boys and I made some for the grandmas.  We found some fabric paper and cardboard recipe boxes at Hobby Lobby and printed out Cathe's ready-to-use cards.  I cut the fabric papers and did the exacto-knife cutting, but the boys sanded, painted on the Mod Podge, measured and cut printed paper to mount the cards on, and  inked the edges of the cards before gluing them on.  We finished them off with brass charms from my scrapbooking stash.  Our boxes came with dividers, so we are separating the cards behind them.  The hardest part of the project was covering the boxes with the fabric, but they could have easily been painted.  Otherwise, this was a doable project for even my youngest.

   The boys are filling out the first card for each box with their 10 favorite things about Grandma (tea parties, "kid's club" in the back yard, and playing "Mrs. T's Restaurant,") and their 10 favorite things about Granny (playing Sorry and pick-up sticks, her macaroni and cheese, and her banana pudding.)   We hope they will enjoy filling out cards and filling their boxes with memories, and that they will share them with us.

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Cathe Holden said...

This post completely tickles me pink. Your boxes turned out so beautiful. Can you just imagine how exciting it is for me to see how someone crafted a project I shared?! I love your pattern combinations and that you used goodies from your stash. I am sure they are going to be so well received. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!