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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Eggs...

Discovery learning--both by them and by us.

   Chick number 2 hatched last night around 11:30, and the last one hatched in the wee hours.  We discovered it at 7:00 this morning, and it was still a little wet.  The boys are thrilled that it is yellow.  This process has been such a learning experience for us all, and I will be sharing some things we are discovering along the way.


   When we candled the eggs last week, we saw faint veins inside the shells.  Once the chick were out, we noticed some remnants of those inside the shells  along with some goo that resembles slightly scrambled eggs.  There is also a rubbery membrane lining the shell, and as the chicks hatched, they each pulled a line of this down, like opening a zipper.  First there was the "pip" hole, then after several hours, the "zipper" would open.  The chicks seemed to gain leverage as the eggs rocked and wobbled, and soon the eggs began to stretch open and closed.  As the chicks pushed, they gained a little bit more of a separation each time, until the eggs suddenly popped open.   The first chick fell right out as soon as the egg opened up, and the second one opened the top of the egg like a door and rested before squirming out.  The second egg is still very intact, and the two pieces are attached pretty securely, while the other two are in separate pieces.  (We think this chick will be more of a neat freak.)

   Before the chicks hatched, we wondered if the color of the eggs indicated anything about the color of the chicks.  The first chick to hatch is mostly black with a yellow butt--its egg is in the lower right and is the lightest in color.  The second egg, in the lower left, is a little darker brown, and that chick is black with a yellow neck, chest, and butt, and a few yellow splotches on its wings and face.  The darkest "chocolate milk" colored egg at the top held the completely yellow chick. 

   Another thing my boys have discovered is that chicken babies are different from other types of bird babies in being able to walk around, groom themselves, and eat and drink on their own right away.  The parents don't have to be around to feed them or show them how to fend for themselves like other bird parents have to do.  

   We will be looking for some answers as we go along, and I'll share our journey with you.


   Two more books I'd like to share:

Of course, we had to read this one last night!

Beautiful illustrations--tells all about egg fertilization. (There is one page with an evolutionist statement--I just read this to my kids this way, "Some people believe that 'chickens evolved from...' but I believe that God created chickens."  Whenever I encounter something like this in a book with my kids, I either say something like that or simply skip the sentence or section altogether.  I try to use it as an opportunity for teaching and discussion.  This is still an excellent resource otherwise.)

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Ticia said...

My phone was throwing fits about commenting earlier, so now I finally get to.

I REALLY want to hatch chicks sometime, but it's not going to happen at this house, neighborhood rules about chickens.

It's interesting how the different chickens hatched.