Monday, June 4, 2012

Chickens, meet the big world

   The chickies are still sleeping in the house, but they have spent their days exploring the outdoors for the past week.

We are temporarily using a rabbit pen to house them during the day while they hunt and peck in the grass, and we move them around the yard chasing the shade. It's amazing how fast they are growing, especially when we see how far they've come in just one month. They LOVE being outside, and they fuss when we bring them in for the night.  They think dandelions are the best things ever, and after all the times I've tried to convince Mr. Learningtable that dandelions are pretty, at least my chickie-babies like them...



Dude, what's this thing?

Dandelion leaf = Yum-o



Kelli Becton said...

thank you for visiting Adventurez! great to hear from you- love your chickens!! I want some -

Carol Anne Wright Swett said...

Well, of course, I knew you couldn't get rid of those girls when they got too big! I've got some dandelions I'll bring you on Tuesday. Love you and love your blog. As usual, I want to be you when I grow up.