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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garden Party: Flowers in the Vegetable Patch

{Linking up with the Garden Party}


Yael from Home Garden Diggers said...

I love the flowers in your veggie garden. The sunflower looks so happy.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Kim said...

Very pretty! I have onion blossoms and tomato and eggplant blossoms.

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Vegetable flowers are so unique and beautiful--thank you very much for sharing your lovely pictures with us!

Beth said...

Grow plants grow! Hope you have plenty of active pollinators to help setting the fruits.

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

Oh, that sunflower is so pretty- reminds me that I've got to reseed my rows - first year NONE are growing. Poor germination and slugs got the rest. Sigh.

Thanks for sharing!