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Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012-2013 Schoolroom: A Place to Play

J-man decided he has outgrown his little kitchen, so we moved the train coffee table/train table to the corner, and it is currently the lego table.  It's perfect for setting up stop-motion animation sets, and the boys are currently filming J-man's latest screenplay, "Fire Man," about a super-hero who can shoot fire out of his hands to fight bad guys.

We have a small chalkboard, a magnetic calendar, and vowel letter cards on the wall, and the file cabinet provides a magnetic surface for letters.  The little chair was my dad's.  When he was in kindergarten in the 1940s, he had to bring his own chair to school.  His name is written on the bottom, and at the end of the year, each child took his chair home with them.  My grandmama always had it until it was passed on to me.

At the other end of the room, we have a storage bench under the window that houses baskets full of, what else?  legos.  The reading corner is to the right, and there's a basket of wooden blocks in the other corner.  My boys have had these wooden blocks for fourteen years, and they are still the most played with item we own.  It is amazing how much they still do with these:  race tracks, star wars bases, Avengers battle fields, animal parks, concert arenas...
Usually, legos or blocks are ALLOVER THE FLOOR in this area. 


Bobby said...

The chairs from the 1940's -- that's a wonderful story. "All hail O industry from thee bring every good." -- Haydn, Die Jahreszeiten. (Sang that for Summer II chorus in 2009)

hyc (note that my pen name is used for my Google account)

Jenna said...

I'd love to come there and play. What a lovely space.