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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Garden Party: Maypops

Our maypops are blooming again, and the vine
 has gotten huge since this time last year
 It is growing beside the garden, climbing all the way up a bush/tree
 and sprawling down on the ground around it. 
We found some interesting history of the maypop (aka passion flower)
 and learned that the name, passion flower, was given to it by Spanish explorers who thought it symbolized the passion of Christ.  The regional name, maypop, was given because of its fruit which makes a popping sound if stepped on and popped open, and also because the vine comes back each year, usually "popping up" in May, or springtime.

This year, the vine is loaded with fruits as big as oranges. 
We sliced one open to see what it looks like inside.

The inside smells like peanut butter, and the seeds are soft and squishy.

J-man discovered a thin membrane surrounding the seeds and peeled it .  We thought it looked like the inside of an eggshell.  We are hoping to get some fruits after they ripen,
 if we can beat the critters to them.

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1 comment :

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Interesting--I did not know that passion flower was also called Maypops, but now I do! Take care, and have a great week!