Monday, August 13, 2012

Hello Monday {Cockadoodle Don't }

Hello Monday is our place to welcome a brand new week and reflect on the old one. 

Our chickie babies are three and a half months old, and we've been suspecting that Foghorn was a boy for a while, since he has been such a leader and protector. He started making some suspicious sounds last weekend and was belting out full-fledged cockadoodledoos by the middle of the week.

Hello to a new home. There's something about a rooster's crow that make it seem like it can be heard for miles. Sadly, we had to start looking for a permanent home for him, and one of my mom's neighbors agreed to take him to keep as a pet. He has a huge chicken house with many different varieties of hens and sells eggs daily.

Hello to a new friend who had a cage all to herself and was in need of a roomie. She is a sweet and docile rescue chickie who is blind in one eye.

Hello to blue eggs for the boys to bring home (but not fertile ones this time.) There were chocolate brown ones and pink ones too. 

Hello to little quail eggs in a heap.

We were surprised when the eggs the boys brought home in April actually hatched, and we've learned so much on this journey of discovery watching the chickies grow. Hopefully, the two we still have will start laying eggs one of these days, and nobody else will start crowing...

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the domestic fringe said...

So fun! I love chickens and blue eggs would be the best. ;-)

Visiting from Lisa's...Hello!

Bobby said...

Sorry to hear that Mr. Foghorn had to go. Hope he finds a great lady in that girl who will be his new friend for life!

deborah said...

Stopping by from Lisa's. The eggs are so pretty. How fun!