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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Learning Through Play: Art Close Up

   Learning through play=fun learning that sticks
   Art Cards Close Up features famous paintings from the National Gallery of Art on gorgeous glossy cards. One card shows the whole painting with the name, artist, and date, and its companion card shows a close-up detail from the painting.  Artists include Leonardo, Raphael, Monet, and more, and a number of games are possible with this set, including matching/memory games and Old Maid.  Kids will learn about the art and artists as they study details of the paintings, while holding them in their hands.  {They are perfect for every different learning style.}

   I love the use of perspective to teach kids how to "see" a painting.  Focusing in on details, then looking at the larger piece gets kids to slow down and really think about the artwork.  There are so many ways these cards can be used beyond the games--flashcards, art-starters, hung on the wall with poster putty.  I have a small clipboard/easel in our schoolroom, and I like to display a card for a few days and then switch it for another one.  This makes a nice journaling prompt, or simply a way to expose the kids to something beautiful.  Affordable little extras like these really enrich our school day.

{Birdcage Press provided me with a set of cards to try out and review.  My honest opinions are my own.}

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With Love & Confection said...

How beautiful! Thank you for this review! I will def be ordering these lovely art cards!