Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning Through Play: Backyard Birds

   My boys are hands-on learners, and when we got the Backyard Birds Wild Cards to review for Birdcage Press, I knew they would be perfect to accompany our science unit on birds for Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day.  The boys are learning classification and characteristics of animals, and these cards are neat because they feature birds we see in our yard all the time, like cardinals, crows, hummingbirds, and goldfinches.  Each card (36 in all) comes with a matching one that has the same picture but different facts.  The information on each card includes the type of bird (songbird, hummer, waterbird, etc.), and facts such as nesting habits, migration patterns, coloring, body features, and diet. 

   The Backyard Birds cards are sturdy, so kids can take them outside and use them to find and identify birds they see.  My kids also used some of the cards as guides to look at when drawing birds in their nature journals.  The photographs on the cards are clear and vibrant, and the cards are colorful and nicely designed, making the information easy to find.  The cards come packaged in a box that looks like a book when filed on a bookshelf.  The front, held by a hidden magnetic closure, flips open to reveal the cards and an accompanying 32-page booklet that includes a field guide to all the featured birds, plus maps and even more facts about the birds' habitats and behavior from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

   The best part--the cards are not just flash cards, but also designed for playing several games.  Instructions are included for playing an Old Maid-type game ("Old Trickster"), "Go Fish for Birds," and "Bird Memory" (our favorite).   Playing and learning at the same time, my boys were hooked right away. 

{I am not an affiliate for Birdcage Press, but they did send me a card game to review.}

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Jenny said...

What a great idea--to create games they can play to add to the learning! Smart company.