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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Science Sunday: Soldering Lab

   After completing all the Edison Project classes through Quick Study Labs, my son took the Solder Magic class and made several neat projects, including a blinky robot, a chirpy cricket circuit, and an alarm.  The class was challenging, but being a guitar player, my son felt like soldering was a good skill to acquire, plus he earned school credit for it.  The biggest challenge was making good solder joints by being sure to use the correct technique when holding the soldering iron and not getting a huge glob of melted metal.  I love that my boys have opportunities like this to learn things that I don't know anything about, and that there are affordable resources available to supplement homeschooling.  We certainly have discovered along the way that not all learning comes from a book, and sometimes hands-on projects are just the thing to maintain enthusiasm for "doing school."

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Ticia said...

My kids would LOVE to do this!