Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mountain Dew, Pizza, and The Scarlet Letter

My friend and I have discovered the secret to getting teens excited about reading and discovering great literature--pizza (lots of it) and snacks.  Our homeschool literature discussion group meets once a month for a literature discussion and once a month for an activity or field trip related to the book of the month, and our discussion meetings are motivated by teen-friendly food.  Give a guy  a slice of pizza, and he will sit back and ponder themes and literary devices.

Our current book selection is The Scarlet Letter.  We met this month for our Christmas party, a Christmas ornament exchange, and an introduction to the book.  Some of the teens are reading the No Fear version of the book to help them understand the language, and some are reading annotated versions.  This is the most difficult book we've done so far, but the teens are already interested and engaged in the story. Our group has been meeting for eleven months, and we have a regular core group of six teens, with a couple of stragglers who attend once in a while.  We have read and discussed fourteen novels, with related short stories, and poetry, and the teens are seeing connections and understanding literary references the more we read.  The teens are also building friendships and camaraderie as they delve into the classics together.

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