Saturday, December 1, 2012

On the first day of Christmas...

   I made this advent calendar for the boys a few years ago, and I've done different things with it each year.  One year, I filled it with strips of paper that gave the boys instructions for something to do.  One year, I put trinkets and candy in the drawers.  The challenge is that the drawers are small, and it's difficult to find things that are tiny enough to fit inside x3.  The boys all told me that their favorite thing was having a "task" each day, so I'm doing a mixture of things to make, things to do, places to go, etc.  

   To kick off the month, today's task was to decorate a gingerbread house.  They all worked together for a large part of the afternoon, designing and planning and getting each decoration just where they wanted it.  

The countdown has begun!


Missy said...

If you would like to link these up, i am collecting Christmas posts on my page. I will be sharing it a few times throughout the holidays but have it on the bottom of a giveaway this week. Any more holiday posts are welcome as well.

Missy said...

Somehow, I missed the advent Calendar. I love that idea of a task each day. Making a craft or something. My kids would love that also.