Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Wishes {Stay Cool}

103° !

Stay cool...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

DIY: Cardboard Clubhouse, Phase I

If you give your kids some duct tape and cardboard boxes...

A separate little entrance on the side for the kitten.

A mail slot next to the front door.

Room to wonder and imagine.

A ventilation system.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Sweet Coop

The chicky-babies moved into their new cabin/coop this weekend.
 They are busy exploring and scratching and checking out their new surroundings.

They rush to the corner when they hear us coming and tell us all about what they've been up to.

Foghorn loves the new digs so much that she has to jump for joy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Schoolroom Cleanup

   As the official calendar school year winds to a close, I like to purge, dust, organize, revamp, and refresh our schoolroom before we start school for the summer. Even though we start the "year" with good intentions, it seems like the busyness of our days tends to cause things to get stacked up or stashed here and there, and then lots of time is wasted trying to find things when we need them.  I decided to tackle the school room last week, but I still have piles of books everywhere due to the death of my son's precious kitty, a birthday party, a fencing tournament, fostering another mommy cat with SIX kittens, pet-sitting a chameleon as big as my arm, babying our chickens, and trying to keep our dog from chewing his own legs off (he's headed for the "cone of shame" as soon as we can find one that fits him and that he can't squirm out of--I've already made three trips to Petsmart and spent an unreasonable amount of $ at the vet's.)

  The set up of our room works really well, with our table in the center of the room for everyone to gather around.  I love having bookcases along three or our schoolroom walls, since my kids love books as much as I do, and we find it hard to part with them once they become old friends. Plus, I know we'll be revisiting many titles with my youngest.  My goals are to have a clean and organized room with a cleared table-top and a reading corner for my youngest before we start summer school.  Hopefully, I'll have an "after" photo to share soon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chickens, meet the big world

   The chickies are still sleeping in the house, but they have spent their days exploring the outdoors for the past week.

We are temporarily using a rabbit pen to house them during the day while they hunt and peck in the grass, and we move them around the yard chasing the shade. It's amazing how fast they are growing, especially when we see how far they've come in just one month. They LOVE being outside, and they fuss when we bring them in for the night.  They think dandelions are the best things ever, and after all the times I've tried to convince Mr. Learningtable that dandelions are pretty, at least my chickie-babies like them...



Dude, what's this thing?

Dandelion leaf = Yum-o