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Monday, December 9, 2013

The War on Christmas Book Tour {Giveaway}

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We Three Kings

I'm participating in The War on Christmas book tour, and the chapter I'm discussing is "We Three Kings." 

Who were the three kings in the Christmas story other than the extra guys you add to your Nativity set? My boys and I really wanted to learn more about them: 

  • When did they arrive to visit Jesus? 
  • Did they really follow a star? 
  • Do we know their names? 
  • What's a magi, anyway?

We learned the answers to our questions and more in Bodie Hodge's new book, The War on Christmas {click here to visit the book tour page and find out what's in the rest of the book}.

The word magi, which is translated as wise men, originally referred to a group of Persian men who could interpret signs, especially astrology. Later on, the word came to mean "one who possessed supernatural knowledge and ability, a magician, or even a deceiver or seducer" (p. 54). The three magi in the Christmas account are now thought to be have been named Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.

They most likely traveled from Babylon or Persia, and what we find particularly interesting is that there might have been more or even fewer than three wise men in this story. Because the Bible tells us three gifts were given, it has been assumed that there were three kings. However, the Bible doesn't tell us there were three.

We also learned that the magi probably didn't visit Jesus on the night of his birth, as is commonly replayed in Christmas stories. We see in Matthew 2:1 that they first traveled to Jerusalem and visited with Herod after Jesus had already been born.

The War on Christmas is full of valuable information for anyone wanting to go behind the scenes and learn more about the truth of Christmas. With the bombardment of the commercial and Santa aspects of Christmas in our society, and even those who want to eliminate Christmas from Christmas, this book is both timely and important. 

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My tip for raising boys is to PRAY!! I'm being tested often and praying that God can use me to work in my son's life and make him a man after Jesus' heart when he grows up. :)